The Necromancer's Apprentice

The adventurers started their quest by defending the fallcrest outpost from Kobolds.

Once the invaders were fought off, the guard captain, Gerdrand took the initiative to ask the newly formed group if they would be willing to assist him in dealing with a rumor that he had heard.

Apparently, the sheep and cattle have been slain at Arhims Pasture. Gerdrand wants the party to go out to Roburn’s old home, just past the pasture and see what exactly is going on out there.

He’s a little suspicious of wandering adventurers, but he thinks the party is probably better able to handle any trouble they might run into than his own guards or any kind of town militia.

Upon arriving at Arhims Pasture, it was evident that the area is a scene of a slaughter. The sheep have been slain by the Orcs working for Nathar. This leads the party to the Cloak Wood. The party splits up, which everyone knows you never split the party. Kimara and Odessa travel through the woods while Thom and Thorn take the beaten path where they get ambushed by a cave bear. Thom cries for help and despite how much tougher the bear is than them, Thorn refuses to run. Odessa calms the bear down and it proceeds back to her camp.

Arriving at a clearing, the party notices a camp in front of the river. Thom proceeds to the entrance where he meets two Orc guards. He woos them with his sweet words convincing them they do not make nearly enough money to die. They reveal that the house once belonged to Roburn but in now ran by his apprentice Nathar. They then lead the party to a secret passage behind the book shelf and proceed down the stairs.

The Necromancer's Apprentice

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