Odessa Shadowclaw

An abandoned Warden Goliath who ran away from home and was raised by Daver and his clan.


Originally named Odessa Frábærstyrkur (great strength in Icelandic). She was raised by the Great Aðal (noble name), her father, but was not as strong as her siblings Björn (great bear/solider), Einar (lone fighter/great warrior), Greipur (man with strong hands)and Sigurður(protector in battle). As a Goliath, she also has unusual markings on her face that indented, as opposed to her brother’s markings, that faced outward.

At the age of 14, she left home after not becoming what her father wanted, and travelled into the woods, where she meant a Razorclaw Shifter clan. She was found by Thoryn, and brought to the leader, Daver, told her she can join them, or battle with them, in which the inexperienced, yet intimidating Goliath would lose. She agreed to join them, and be their protector.

After many years, she became close with the clan, and a loner Shifter named Thorn, and his sister, Thoryn. She became a protector, as much as Thorn would allow, and vowed to help whenever needed. Until one day, Odessa decided to leave and find her own people, shortly after Thorn left to find his own life. With the acceptance from Daver for her leave, she set off, but promised to return if they ever needed her, and told Thoryn where she would be travelling if trouble ever befell her.

In a strange town, she ran into Viktor, another Goliath, and became quick friends. She learned little of her kind due to his lack of knowledge about them as well. They decided to stick together until it was inconvenient.

One morning, when Odessa awoke, Viktor was gone. There was no trace of him. And Odessa was alone once again. Then Odessa heard a ruckus outside; there stood two gnomes and a bard. What on earth could this mean for her..

After many battles with her new found team, she has discovered her leadership skills with the team, and how to be a proper protector. She also has discovered the markings on her face are much more powerful than at first glance. What this power means is still unknown, but she hopes to discover soon.

After a battle, and discovering Goliath’s being turned into constructs, she slowly loses her wits, and becomes enraged with anger and vengeance. Giving little thought to what this means for her team, she begins zoning out, becoming silent and cold, even to Thorn, and slowly starts drifting away from her party. Despair and hopelessness has replaced feels of pride and worthiness as she sees her own race be treated as slavers.

Odessa Shadowclaw

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