The Long Road to Ruin

Odessa's entry.

Odessa: I’m not exactly remembering where we are, but we are in a dungeon. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen daylight, and I am losing my mind. We found prisoners shackled to the walls. And an enemy, Murkelmor, turning my beloved race into constructs ran like the coward he is from us. We discovered he is healed by fire before he left, however, which could be useful when we find him again (maybe he has a weakness against ice spells?). Let’s hope things change for the better… I’m not feeling myself.

Into the Mystic
Time to hunt down the slavers.
Upon entering the Duergar base, the adventuring party met up with a band of savage Orc berserkers guarding a portcullis. When trying to pry open the locked gate, the party ended up fusing it shut. With some clever team work and the brute strenght of Odessa Shadowclaw, they were able to kick it in and start hunting down the slavers.

The “Champions of the Guard” meet quite a resistance, this base is heavily fortified and full of soldiers. They even have their own weapon processing center.

The group continues their journey and makes progress through the stronghold, picking up treasure and experience along the way

Like a bat out of hell
The duergar have a base in the seven pillared hall

After some keen investigating, the party discovered that there is a Dueregar base of operations right in the Seven Pillared Hall. Jacob was left outside whilst Odessa, Thom and Kimara Nimbleton entered the front door. Thorn Shadowclaw decided to take the high road and sneak down the chimneys slaying two of the guards outright.

The two Duergar soldiers guarding the door were not certain if these were the people that the scouts had warned them about so they invited them to the back room for some of their private wares… This didn’t turn out. As soon as they turned their backs, Thom assaulted one with a bottle of Dwarven Ale and Odessa choked the other out with a sleeper hold. Kimara Nimbleton tried to go for the legs, but her Gnomish strength was evident.

After tying up the two unconscious guards to Jacob. Odessa started to question one of the dark Dwarves. She discovered there was a map to where they needed to go in the office.

One guard was left in the only unexplored room. Thorn Shadowclaw set himself ablaze with his flaming cloak and with the fury of a hundred demons, tore apart the scout that tried to destroy the party during the night.

I'll be watching you
While resting, a clean up crew visits.

After defeating the goblin slavers and Odessa making a new friend in Wolfie, now named Jacob, the party hears a pair of dark dwarves cleaning the previous battlefield. Kimara Nimbleton thought this was interesting and went to take a look. Upon further examination, she discovered that they were there to find the party and to clean up the mess. They both got away. The Champions of the Guard decided to return to town to get a full nights rest, leaving the trail of Tinkers murderer cold.

Where have all the good people gone?
Hobgoblin slavers have been slain

Where we last left our adventurers, they had just discovered that the slavers have been farming humanoids for trade. The hobgoblins have been stealing and luring in people for months. In particular, Goliaths for a specific person.

Before the battle was completed however, Thorn Shadowclaw discovered their previous ally, Tinker Binkledoink face down in a puddle of his own blood. Killed mere moments before his arrival.

Jigsaw falling into place
Individual quests start coming together

After being defended by 2 unnamed people, the party enters the labyrinth of Thunderspire. upon entering, they notice that there are a bunch of hobgoblins harassing a gnome.

It seems that Thunderspire has something for everyone. Is this a matter of coincidence, fate or is it a trap?

There are 3 main things to be done here. Discover what the slavers have been up too, recover the boar for the deep gem mining company and find out what happened to the wizard that has vanished from the mages circle.

Crime of the century
Drug smuglers? Not in my town!

Turns out the horses that you were given at such a delightful price were full of illegal drugs. The party notified the Bishop of Guardmore Abbey and he dealt with the problem. You have been given the title “Champions of the Guard” and a place for your adventuring party to call home.

Maybe there is some property to be purchased to set up a base of operations?

Gimme shelter
The dawn of a new adventure

For whatever reason, 5 people find themselves drafted into the outpost militia to defend it from attacking Kobolds. A bard, a warden, an avenger, a rogue and a warlock find themselves fighting together to prevent the band of lizard beasts from taking over the settlement.


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